Rapala Sales Management Training

International Sales Development program: Rapala Sales Management Training

Rapala VMC Corporation is one of four global players in recreational fishing. They have the biggest distribution network, global manufacturing resources and the most desired brands.

It was just one Finnish man Lauri Rapala and his hand-crafted lure in the beginning, in 1936. Now Rapala VMC Corporation is a global player that brings together several brands and businesses to create a balanced portfolio.

Rapala VMC Corporation wanted to align and develop their Sales Management and Sales Procedures to support future growth and profitability. As the market doesn’t grow, achieving annual, international sales growth is to be done by active sales work. And, as the portfolio is large, increased cross selling is needed to grow total sales. Rapala VMC chose Mercuri International as their cooperation partner in refining the Rapala way of selling.

Please see Rapala Sales Management Training case study to find out more about the challenge, Mercuri solution and the results.

For more information about this international sales development program, contact: Uffe Tollet

Mercuri Case Study Rapala Sales Management Training