Stella – VAASAN Group’s way of leading people

An international leadership program Stella – VAASAN Group’s way of leading people to make an outstanding and healthy business

VAASAN Group is one of the most significant bakery operators in Northern Europe. It is the leading bakery company in its home markets in Finland and the Baltic region. VAASAN Group is also the largest thin crisp and the second-largest crispbread producer in the world, and a leading bake-off player in the Nordic countries.

During the years 2012–2014 VAASAN Group and Mercuri International jointly executed a Leadership program called Stella. All the superiors on all levels throughout the organization, including the Group Management Team, participated the Stella leadership program.

The starting point in 2012 demanded changes: The company management realized that much better commercial success would need significant changes. Stella works on many levels starting with the group management team and cascading to every individual in the organisation. Through improved leadership, every person at VAASAN is involved in developing the business and is aware of how the company is doing. The result: an informed and committed workforce delivering a healthy business.

Please see Stella – VAASAN Group’s way of leading people case study to find out more about the challenge, Mercuri solution and the results. For more information, contact: Uffe Tollet