Value Based Selling Program

Welcome to our value based selling training program, designed for salespeople and their representatives aiming to craft value-driven solutions for customers and enhance sales performance. Through this training, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of value based selling and the mechanics of the sales process. Equip yourself with effective models for handling objections and receive practical tools to seamlessly implement the sales process. Elevate your sales strategy and drive success with our comprehensive program.

Our experienced, in-house coaches bring a wealth of experience as sales and management professionals. Their expertise is fortified by a deep understanding of the subject matter, complemented by Mercuri’s insights, concepts, and international product development. With the guidance of a coach, you are assured to seamlessly integrate newfound knowledge into your sales endeavors.

After the training program:

  • You will understand the different elements of value selling and how the value selling process works.
  • You’ll get a range of concrete tools to help you make the sale, including a value-based selling offer structure.
  • You will be able to identify the financial drivers and metrics of the client to build a value-based proposal.
  • You will be able to identify the client’s decision team and the power relationships between different people and effectively address these at different stages of the sales process.
  • You can assess whether an identified sales opportunity is worth developing further, and what information still needs to be gathered from your customer to build a value-based solution.
  • You can build a value-based offer and present it to the client’s decision team.
  • Get tools and templates for handling client arguments in decision negotiations.


”In particular, the sales pitch gave me a lot of inspiration for my own work.”

”Lots of new tools and a good recap on sales techniques.”

”The coach did a great job, and the participants were experienced and active!”


The training sessions will be held in bright and modern facilities, with a varied buffet lunch and afternoon coffee served during the day in a pleasant and relaxed environment.


At the end of the training programme, you will receive a certificate from mercuri International Business School.

Yrsa Landsdorff

Yrsa has a 20-year business experience in e.g., leadership, leadership teams, sales, marketing, branding, customer service, portfolio management, business coaching and consulting.

Her learning, and belief is that people are a company’s most important asset and the key to all success. Her passion is therefore to support individuals, teams and companies, which directly impact both softer values like wellbeing and hard facts like efficiency, costs and profitability.


Next training dates will be confirmed soon

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The value-based sales training programme will take a hybrid form. The training will include a one-hour kick off webinar (10-11 am), a digital learning path and one day of f2f training (9 am – 5pm).

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